Bludit is a wonderful CMS. It's easy to install and to use. Bludit has a active development with updates regularly, they working on v2 right now thats in beta. But one thing i missed was a search function that won't use any third party scripts.

So I made up my mind and created my own plugin. It's uses jQuery/Ajax to make the search through a PHP file. The plugins searches for every word that is submitted but if it's wrapped in " it will only search for that phrase.

The results is fetched and showed inside a div with jQuery that will be rendered in the hook siteBodyEnd. Will update the plugin with options to choose which hook it will be place in.

You can find the plugin on GitHub or you can download the .zip file here.


  • Editable text in search input
  • Choose where to show form (pages, blog, post)
  • Wrap search query in " to search for that phrase

We all love music and love to share our tunes with the world. Why not show it on your homepage so your visitors learn who you are. This plugin for Bludit CMS makes it easy for you to do so. Just download it or clone the git and active it. Then just input your API key and username and it will be up and running. You can see plugin at the top of my page but only when i'm listening to something.

There's 3 possible position where the plugin can be showed: body begin, body end and sidebar.

You can find the plugin on GitHub or you can download the .zip file here.


Here's a small documentation for the plugin.

What you need

  • API key from LastFm
  • LastFm username
  • Enable scrobbling for LastFm


  • Editable text
  • Show only current playing song or latest one played
  • Autoupdate song info
  • Custom CSS
  • Choosable site position

I was tired of all the sites with the current standings in top football leagues in Europe, so I decided to create my own site for it. All the sites I found is mostly live/played games and you have to click multiple times to see the table and I wanted a site where you get to see the table right away.

When you visit the site you are greeted with the table of the league, and if any data is found, also the top scorers in the league. Because I’m from Sweden and my favourite team is Hammarby, the default league is Allsvenskan. You can easily change league from the dropdown in the top left.

You can also see if a team is in a position in the league where they will get to Champions League (qualification), relegation and so on. There’s also both a dark and a light theme you can change between to you liking.

All data for the tables is gathered from Fotbollskanalen, and to make the site faster the data is not gathered every page load, but through a script that executes every hour on the server and stored on .json files on the server.

Check it out here